Age of Wi-Fi: Five things that only Wi-Fi can do


If you were at the CES Las Vegas this month [last year] you will agree that we’re about to be inundated by a device tsunami. Wi-Fi is the only tech out there that can deal with billions of new devices the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

But that’s not the only thing that Wi-Fi does better. Here’s my list of the top six things that Wi-Fi does better than anything else out there:

Evolve fast: Every new Wi-Fi standard or feature reaches the market fast. We’re talking about 18 months, a year, or even faster. This means that Wi-Fi is the only wireless tech that can keep up with the pace of tech evolution. Compare that to the years and years the cellular industry needs to introduce anything substantially new.

  • Deal with ‘Cloud inflation’: I guess that I don’t have to tell you that services are moving to the Cloud. If you want to know about ‘Cloud inflation’, check out this short video by North River Ventures. Wi-Fi is the only tech that can keep up with the rate of Cloud inflation.
  • Keep device costs ridiculously low: Particle sells a Wi-Fi developers kit for IoT devices at $19 dollars. Add to this the hundreds of megabits or even a gigabit speeds you can get from an AP for couple of hundred dollars or less. Performance up, costs down. That’s the recipe for success.
  • Keep innovation happening: Wi-Fi is ‘innovation without a license’. The Wi-Fi standard is just the baseline for endless opportunities to address any use case you can think of – and at blazing speeds, too. As a friend on mine once said: ‘Oh – I get it, Wi-Fi is a bit like the Internet’. Exactly. Wi-Fi is THE big wireless enabler.
  • Address the device tsunami: A big reason why mobile has never worked well for IoT is the clumsy SIM card. The SIM is a disaster when you want to serve billions of devices from public garbage cans to lightpoles and wearables. No wonder that Apple (and many others) would rather see the dreaded SIM dead & gone!


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