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World’s biggest Wi-Fi network adds 9 million hotspots

The world’s biggest Wi-Fi network just got bigger. iPass announced last week that they’ve teamed up with Wi-Fi ‘homespot’ leader Fon adding another 9 million hotspots to their total network count. Earlier this year, iPass also teamed up with Devicescape. Devicescape has over the past years aggregated some 20+ million Wi-Fi hotspots through crowd-sourcing and curation. […]

Is ‘Wi-Fi First’ the future of mobility?

That’s the billion dollar question right now – and here’s the analysis: Wi-Fi carries some 80% of mobile device traffic (mostly in home or office) and is by a long shot the most economical means of data delivery to any wireless device. In the US a new breed of ‘Wi-Fi First’ service providers are trying […]

Tips & tricks for a great presentation @ Wi-Fi NOW

We’ve got many great & very experienced speakers lined up for Wi-Fi NOW Amsterdam – but just in case you’d like our input to what makes for a good  (hopefully GREAT!) presentation, here are some tips & tricks. In my experience, a great presentation is 80% confidence and 20% content. That of course doesn’t mean […]

Smart City agenda driving free City Wi-Fi across the globe

Cable carriers are deploying City Wi-Fi networks like never before, but the cities themselves are either right on their heels or partnering with them to do the same. New York City, New Delhi, Bangkok, and Johannesburg are just some of the cities that have decided that free Wi-Fi should be everywhere. Right now, the mushrooming […]

Confused about TWO Wi-Fi events in Amsterdam? Don’t be.

Well – there does appear to be two Wi-Fi events (at least by name!) happening in Amsterdam this November. I’ve heard from a lot of people who are confused about it, and I suppose this is understandable. So here’s the difference in a nutshell: Wi-Fi NOW is the only global conference 100% dedicated to Wi-Fi in […]

Wi-Fi offload and the $2 trillion dollar question

Wi-Fi offload is not dead – it just goes by a new name. That name is ‘mobile/Wi-Fi convergence’. And yes, it’s not as buzzy, plus the whole idea comes with a twist. Here’s the narrative: You’re mobile device is chewing up Wi-Fi like it’s going out of style for two reasons: The first is cost […]

City Wi-Fi at and BELOW street level with Ziggo & Virgin Media

How do you serve consumers with Wi-Fi at street level? Equipping streetlights with Wi-Fi is one way, but here’s something new: Virgin Media of the UK is now testing Wi-Fi ‘under your feet’ with Wi-Fi access points installed into sub-pavement cabinets in the English town of Chesham. According to media reports, this free Wi-Fi service […]

How to get venue Wi-Fi right? Get the answers @Wi-Fi NOW

How to get venue Wi-Fi right – business small and large, retailers, transport hubs, hospitality, you name it – is a big and widely untapped opportunity right now. Millions of businesses know they want & need Wi-Fi at their venue, but most of them just throw it out there. That’s understandable, since wireless is not their biz. […]