Confused about TWO Wi-Fi events in Amsterdam? Don’t be.


Well – there does appear to be two Wi-Fi events (at least by name!) happening in Amsterdam this November. I’ve heard from a lot of people who are confused about it, and I suppose this is understandable.

So here’s the difference in a nutshell:

  • Wi-Fi NOW is the only global conference 100% dedicated to Wi-Fi in all its forms including public venue and carrier Wi-Fi.
  • Right now, we have more than 180 individuals confirmed to attend and we expect another 50-60 to register over the next three weeks. This is truly the under-one-roof gathering of all the Wi-Fi experts in Europe.
  • Some 30 Wi-Fi companies are sponsoring us including great startups as well as established leaders in this space
  • More than 40 speakers will share their invaluable insights into the state of the Wi-Fi industry

And if you’re still not convinced, just do this: Compare the programs, speakers, themes, etc. of the two conferences. It’s no contest. The Wi-Fi NOW team has been working tirelessly for 5 months on launching our new event series, and we’ve done good. The choice between Wi-Fi NOW & ‘WIS’ is a no-brainer.

The story comes with a twist (not any less confusing to people) because the ‘WIS’ is the name of my previous Wi-Fi event series. It is now being used by my previous event producer without my permission. We’re working on getting this stopped, but all of this takes time. It will be stopped eventually.

Meanwhile, don’t delay:

Go to this link to check out the Wi-Fi NOW program and register. You won’t regret it!

Need help getting budget from your boss? Download the show guide here!

/Claus Hetting.