Industry reports: Bright outlook for Carrier Wi-Fi & the hotspot market


Two industry reports just came out in recent weeks indicating a very bright outlook for carrier Wi-Fi and the global Wi-Fi hotspot market. I’ve talked about it before: IoT and Smart Cities will need robust City Wi-Fi infrastructure to happen, and now it seems I’m not the only one who has come to this conclusion.

According to Stratistics Market Research, the value (equipment value) of the Wi-Fi hotspot market will grow to $4.54 billion (USD) by 2022 nearly tripling its value from 2014. That’s a CAGR of 17.4% – a number that fairly closely matches the current sales growth rate of major Wi-Fi solution vendors.

The report also says that ‘homespots’ and transport hotspots will account for a lot of the growth and that the global number of hotspots will rise to 350 million over the next few years. This is equivalent to one public Wi-Fi hotspot for every 18 people on Earth.

Interestingly, the report says that most of the hotspot activity will be driven by companies that do not have telecoms as their main business. This means that the need for hotspots is driving opportunities for a new and growing class of IT infrastructure and service companies.

Find more details about Stratistics report the report here.

Meanwhile the Wireless Broadband Alliance released their yearly report just last week. The report includes the results of a Wi-Fi industry survey and presents more good news for the Wi-Fi industry: More than 60% of the respondents say they plan to deploy ‘Smart City Services’ on a carrier-grade Wi-Fi network by 2018. You can download the WBA’s free report here. 

In both reports, security is cited as one of the most critical issues in public Wi-Fi. More than 82% of respondents in the WBA survey said security is ‘critical’. Fortunately, we predicted that – so we’ve allocated an entire day to Wi-Fi security issues at Wi-Fi NOW. So don’t miss Wi-Fi NOW the conference in Amsterdam for security and a lot more – go to this link now to register. 

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    Stratistics?? never heard of 🙂

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