Notice on pending legal action against Hansecom Media & Communications or ‘WIS2015 Europe’

This message is to rectify any confusion arising from Hansecom Media & Communication’s (of Porto, Portugal) use of the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit (WIS) brand and logo for future events including a purported event in Amsterdam this fall:

Hansecom & HETTING ApS decided to part ways in June of this year for business reasons in that our goals & ambitions for future events could not be aligned. I am indebted to Hassan Claussen of Hansecom for his great work on organizing the Wi-Fi Offload and WIS series and I thank him for that.

I myself – Claus Hetting – am not involved in the purported organisation and/or direction of this WIS event or any future WIS-branded events or any future events of any kind organized by Hansecom Media & Communications.

HETTING ApS shares the rights to the WIS brand with Hansecom through a signed mutual partnership agreement of January this year. As of this date, Hansecom is using the WIS brand without permission and is in breach of the mutual agreement between our companies. I am exploring all avenues together with my legal advisors in relation to ending Hansecom’s use of the WIS brand & credentials.


Claus Hetting


CEO & Chairman of Wi-Fi NOW

See the legal document below: Extract of contractual agreement between HETTING & Hansecom, January 2015.