Quantenna’s ‘Wave 3’ Chip: Another leap forward in Wi-Fi performance

The rate of Wi-Fi evolution has been astounding. From 1997 to 2013, IEEE 802.11 standards have increased bit-rates by 7,000 times. You kind of wonder if this industry can keep doing that. For the time being, the answer appears to be yes. At least when you take a look at the latest Wi-Fi chip from Quantenna.

This is what Quantenna has done: It’s 8×8 MIMO in 5 GHz combined with 4 x 4 MIMO in 2.4 GHz giving the chip 12 stream capability. They also bunch together 160 MHz (8 Wi-Fi channels) into one and this adds up to (with 1024 QAM modulation) a peak bit rate of close to 10 Gbps. All this is basically tech talk for blazingly fast although you will probably need to be in very close range for the high bit rates to kick in. Read the full Quantenna press release here.


It’s likely that the chip will be mostly applied to boost your home Wi-Fi (CPEs) and for enterprises solutions, but don’t underestimate what a company like Mimosa can do with technology like this to take blazing Wi-Fi speeds into public spaces. Mimosa is already leaning on Quantenna for their new range of end-to-end Wi-Fi kit that’s ready to take on the fibre industry at a fraction of the cost. Mimosa is a rare guest in Europe – but you will get a chance to meet them at Wi-Fi NOW in Amsterdam this November. 

Quantenna calls this 802.11 ac ‘Wave 3’ – even though they are the only company thus far to talk about anything ‘Wave 3’. Regardless, Quantenna has already reached one of the goals set by the mobile industry for 5G. And 5G standardisation hasn’t even started yet. Way to go, Quantenna 🙂

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