Friendly Wi-Fi: Internet Safety for Kids

Friendly Wi-Fi is a UK-based organisation that promotes the safeguarding of content accessible on public Wi-Fi networks. The idea of course is to protect kids from inappropriate content. Wi-Fi NOW is a strong supporter of this scheme as it gives parents &  families confidence that young children – who are often heavy users of free public Wi-Fi services – are not exposed to websites on the Internet Watch Foundation’s list. Friendly Wi-Fi is right now also working on gathering support for the scheme in the USA.

We’re delighted that Friendly Wi-Fi is joining us at Wi-Fi NOW and we hope to gather more support for this excellent cause.


Security Day
Location: Auditorium Date: November 17, 2015 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Beverly Smith
RDI (Friendly Wi-Fi), U.K.