Geoff Revill

Geoff has spent the last 3 years crafting the Krowd app and supporting business strategy. The Krowd is a fundamental rethink of the business model and value proposition for social engagement online. In particular, unlocking the value of localized social engagement has been his focus, and the tech enabler is Wi-Fi.

In an era of increasing cyber hacks we need to approach user data in a new way, to determine a means to make money from empowering users in online engagement. Geoff is defining a new category of online social engagement called a Personal Network, underpinned by a trust model that enables privacy to become a commercially realizable asset.

Prior to Krowdthink Geoff was VP Europe for several US entities, resulting in his position at Wind River (now an Intel company) leading their software tools development, a product line with over $300m sales that has now become the IoT toolchain for Intel.


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