Jeroen Lettinck

Jeroen Lettinck is the Senior Technical Officer (STO) at Alcadis. He is constantly overviewing and improving the quality of provided services by the technical cluster. These services, as provided by a 10-15 FTE team, apply to both internal and external customers. By representing the company’s technical conscience this allows Jeroen Lettinck to support both Alcadis and it’s customers in various technical / commercial stages. Overviewing and adjusting (tactical) operations based on quality control as applied to all provided services is my day to day responsibility. Co-operating with project management and service management and reporting using a direct line of communication with the CTO.

Jeroen Lettinck history as a Presales engineer, technical background and my degree in education allows him to combine technical, commercial and communication skills in a most profound way.

For years Alcadis has been involved in numerous Wi-Fi deployments in indoor and outdoor environments in The Netherlands. After joining Alcadis in 2008, Jeroen has played a big role in some major Wi-Fi deployments in large public venues and city centers. In this session Jeroen will share his knowledge about dealing with issues that occur when you’re designing, installing and operating high-density Wi-Fi networks.

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