Jos Beriere Jos Beriere

Jos Beriere is the Strategic Program Manager, KPN, Netherlands. He has been responsible for mobile strategy development, network modernization tenders (macro and small cells), high-stake spectrum auctions (Combinatorial Clock Auctions / CCA) several technology investments decisions and now Program Management Heterogeneous Network.

In this period I he has become experienced in Board level and senior management level decisionmaking on high-stake investments and product development.

Specialties: Business development, mobile network strategy and architecture (LTE, HSPA+, GSM) Network RFQ, Spectrum valuation, auction and bidding strategy.

KPN is already embracing Wi-Fi as a strategic access technology – and Jos Beriere is one of the leaders of KPN’s program. Including Wi-Fi into a the service fabric of mobile and fixed connectivity is a challenge as new technologies continue to emerge to drive this convergence. Jos will share with us his views on how to approach this issue and the opportunity inherent in the convergence of mobile & Wi-Fi.

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