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Episode 11: The Age of Wi-Fi & the ‘Uberization’ of the common carrier 

Guest: Francis McInerney (Managing Director, North River Ventures)

Episode 10: “The Internet of Moving Things” & Intelligent Device Connectivity

Guests: Joao Barros (CEO, Veniam) & Carla Fitzgerald (CMO, Smith Micro Software)

Episode 9: 50 million hotspots & the future of carrier Wi-Fi with Aptilo Networks

Guests: Gary Griffiths (CEO, iPass) & Paul Mikkelsen (CEO, Aptilo Networks)

Episode 8: Wi-Fi Calling for Carriers & Wi-Fi privacy with MAC randomisation

Guests: Amir Rajwany (SpectrumMAX) & Juan Carlos Zuniga (Chair IEEE Privacy EC SG)

Episode 7: Defining carrier-grade Wi-Fi with Sky & Public Wi-Fi security

Guests: Sami Susiaho (Head of Edge Technologies, BSkyB) & Sean Sullivan (Researcher, F-Secure)

Episode 6: Celebrating 25 years of IEEE 802.11 & monetizing Wi-Fi with intelligent consumer engagement

Guests: Dr Adrian Stephens (IEEE 802.11 Chair) & Zach Britton (CEO Frontporch)

Episode 5: Cracking Google Project Fi & LTE/Wi-Fi Aggregation with Qualcomm

Guests: Gerardo Giaretta (Qualcomm), Nicholas Armstrong (Pravala), & David Maimon (University of Maryland)

Episode 4: Wi-Fi First, Project Salsa, and how carriers are using Wi-Fi to boost their businesses  – or not

Guests: David Morken of Bandwidth (Republic Wireless) and Fredrik Jungermann of Tefficient

Episode 3: Improving Wi-Fi quality with FILS – and why the Carrier Wi-Fi market is upside down

Guests: Vivek Ganti of Cablelabs and Joe Madden of Mobile Experts

Episode 2: Convergence of mobile & Wi-Fi: Way of the future?

Guests: David Heit of Pravala, Adrian Tang of NASA-JPL, and David Witkowski, President of WCA.

Episode 1: The rise of the independent City Wi-Fi network – an alternative to cellular?

Guests: William Butte of Wildfire 5G and Steve Hratko, Ruckus Wireless.