Focus: Wi-Fi Calling for Carriers


Apple launched the Wi-Fi world into a new age by including native Wi-Fi calling in iOS back in September 2014 – and the Wi-Fi world has never been the same since. We believe that Apple’s Wi-Fi calling marks the turning point for carrier Wi-Fi everywhere as more and more Tier 1 carriers embrace the new paradigm.

But the simple act of placing a phone call over a Wi-Fi network comes in many shapes & flavors. App-centric solutions still exist and can be an effective, low-cost solution when IMS is not available. For VoLTE carriers, IPSec-based calling the ‘Apple way’ offers handoffs and service continuity and is close to a no-brainer to stay competitive in the mobile landscape. Indoor coverage problems will be thing of the past with Wi-Fi everywhere.

“We believe that every mobile carrier will launch Wi-Fi calling in some form – mostly as IPSec-based VoWiFi – the next 2-3 years. It’s pretty much a no-brainer both from a technical & business case point of view, and the consumer retention benefits are irrefutable.”

The technology and the business case are coming together – and we will do a deep-dive into the world of Wi-Fi calling at Wi-Fi NOW.