Wi-Fi NOW Ambassadors


We’re delighted to introduce our Wi-Fi NOW Ambassadors to the world. These outstanding individuals are people we trust with our hearts and minds to forward the great cause of public Wi-Fi everywhere for everyone. They’re also exceedingly knowledgable and generous with their knowledge. You can contact our Ambassadors in our particular regions if you have questions, concerns – or just want to get involved.

nicodammersNico Dammers

Wi-Fi NOW Ambassador to The Netherlands

Nico Dammers has been a pioneer in Public Wi-Fi services in the Netherlands where he managed to get a footprint in the 4 biggest Cities in The Netherlands with his company City Wireless. Free Wi-Fi can deliver real value for a city and his stakeholders, especially if you look further then the internet access component alone.

A Wi-Fi service is part of a bigger picture and Nico can explain that opportunity to municipalities, retailers, real estate companies and business associations as no one else. As ambassador of Wi-Fi Now, Nico is keen on getting the whole dutch Wi-fi community attending this excellent conference because it is a great opportunity to jointly explore the next steps.

You can reach Nico Dammers at this email address.

WilliamButteWilliam Butte

Wi-Fi NOW Ambassador to the USA (West Coast & South-East)

William Butte is partner and co-founder of California-based Wildfire 5G. William & his company are building super high-performance city Wi-Fi networks in the South Eastern US.

William is an experienced Wi-Fi technology leader and visionary innovator on how to partner with governments, utilities, & other tech companies for city Wi-Fi success. We’re delighted that William has agreed to be a Wi-Fi NOW Ambassador.

You can reach William at this email address.



Marcelo Garcia

Global Wi-Fi NOW Ambassador

Marcelo Garcia has been involved in Cable Carrier WiFi from the very beginning, when he led the second commercial deployment of this technology in the world for VOO in Belgium as part of the original “WiFree” partnership with Telenet.

Supporting the platform’s expansion to other operators in the UPC group, he was invited as an independent expert to Liberty Global’s yearly “WiFi Summit” in Amsterdam.

In 2013 he assisted the City of Liège in the supplier selection for their Public WiFi platform and in 2014 he was invited by the Brussels Region to give a Smart Cities keynote speech and introduce the five years strategic plan during their annual IT conference.

He is currently the Telecommunications Advisor to the City of Geneva and is actively involved with several innovative technologies worldwide. Marcelo lives in Switzerland.

You can reach Marcelo Garcia at this email address: [email protected]

We will be delighted to connect on LinkedIn with professionals involved in the WiFi and Smart Cities domains

‘Wi-Fi NOW Ambassador’ is an honorary title bestowed on individuals who have expressed specific interest in supporting the mission & goal of Wi-Fi NOW. The Ambassadors are appointed on a strictly ad-hoc (!) basis based on achievements, commitment, & skills.