Debate: The Wi-Fi connected home today & in the future

What’s the next big evolution in in-home Wi-Fi? We’ll ask five international experts in the business and technology of the connected home:

  • Rob Conant is the dynamic CEO of Silicon Valley startup Cirrent. Cirrent is about to launch a solution that will securely and automatically authenticate Wi-Fi devices for in-home use so you don’t have to worry about setting it up.
  • Trond Wuellner is the brains behind Google’s first foray into home Wi-Fi devices: The Google OnHub. The OnHub has delighted consumers in the US and has received great reviews.
  • James Chen is heading up marketing for Wi-Fi chipset performance leaders Quantenna. Quantenna recently launched their ‘Wave 3’ 802.11ac chipset that will boost in-home router performance into the multiple gigabits using massive MIMO technology.
  • Vikas Sarawat is directing wireless & network technology at CableLabs.
  • Bulent Celebi is the Executive Chairman & Founder of Turkey-based AirTies. AirTies just launched an in-home Wi-Fi solution for carriers with a fix to the most common problem of all: Poor in-home Wi-Fi coverage. Find out how AirTies is tackling this problem.

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Day 1
Location: Tysons Ballroom Auditorium Date: April 19, 2016 Time: 10:00 am - 10:30 am Rob Conant
Cirrent, USA
James Chen
Trond Wuellner
Vikas Sarawat
Bulent Celebi