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All Wi-Fi and Internet service providers have an abundance of unused Wi-Fi capacity in their networks. Conversely, Mobile Operators don’t have enough capacity to meet growing demands. BandwidthX bridges this gap.

Our solution gives Mobile Operators access to the data they need at a lower cost, while Internet Service Providers profit from new revenue streams. BandwidthX provides a market where both Mobile Operators and Internet Service Providers can define their value for capacity in real time and are automatically matched when their values align.

Everyone in the Wi-Fi ecosystem wins: from Mobile Operators and hotspot service providers to equipment and software vendors, aggregators and financial clearing companies and, of course, the end user of the device. Plus, this new form of micro-commerce complements existing Wi-Fi offload methods and adds new customers and revenue to everyone who is currently selling Wi-Fi.

The BandwidthX platform is the result of years of collaboration with major participants on both the supplier and buyer sides. Taking advantage of the BandwidthX platform is simple and easy. No changes are needed in the network or hotspots; connections are automatic. No long-term commitments are required either.

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