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Maxtech offers an infrastructure-independent and infrastructure-expanding wireless communication solution for mobile users. Maxtech’s advanced ad-hoc mesh technology ensures high quality voice and data exchange. The technology, named max-mesh, enables mission critical communication of professional mobile radio where no infrastructure is available. Max-Mesh also improves coverage of cellular networks and extends Wi-Fi hotspots’ range.

In consumer markets, most apps depend heavily on infrastructure and seamless connectivity whether in cellular networks or Wi-Fi hotspots. However, cellular networks normally do not provide full coverage and Wi-Fi hotspots typically deliver limited service.

Max-Mesh offers such apps unprecedented mobile broadband connectivity and coverage using a virtual layer of the community mesh network transcending infrastructure’s limitations.
In the professional radio market, Max-Mesh enables high quality voice and data exchange for mission critical communication services assuring effective team interaction in challenging conditions and in remote areas without the need for infrastructure.

Designed for inter-operability and seamless integration, Max-Mesh is a pure software solution physical-layer agnostic thus supporting a wide variety of devices and of commercial and governmental applications.

Max-Mesh is available for a wide range of third party devices (cellular phones, hand-held radios, etc.) as firmware integrated into the broadest or as commercial off the shelf products.

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