The people behind Speedify are passionate about taking complex networking technology and making it better, faster, and easier. Back in 2009, they developed Connectify Hotspot, the easy-to-use app that lets anyone transform their laptop into a WiFi Hotspot at the click-of-a-button. Today, Connectify Hotspot has 75 million downloads and counting. Now, with Speedify, they want Mac and PC users to enjoy faster and more reliable Internet no matter where they are.

Like most people, the company counts on the Internet for nearly everything they do, which is why a slow or unreliable connection feels like a total nightmare. They want to ensure that you have blazing fast Internet access all the time. With that dream in mind, Speedify reimagined the virtual private network to let users combine Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, and wired connections into one faster and more reliable network. Once connected to our Speed Servers in the cloud, Speedify optimizes your online experience by intelligently spreading upload and download traffic across all available Internet connections for faster speeds.

Speedify didn’t happen overnight. Over the last year, more than 3,000 worldwide beta customers worked with us to help shape the product with their suggestions and by testing the growing network of Speed Servers from every corner of the globe. Thanks to the beta users, Speedify is ready for primetime. Now, everyone can enjoy better, faster Internet connectivity with Speedify.

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