Marketing Support For Sponsors

A Free Service For Sponsors & Exhibitors

To ensure that our sponsors and exhibitors gain the most from their investment, we have set in place a marketing support service. Below are a few of the marketing services we offer. The following are standard & included as part of the sponsorship and exhibition packages:

Post & Share On Wi-Fi NOW Forum LinkedIn Group

With  over 4,400 members, the Wi-Fi NOW Forum is one of the most active and lively Wi-Fi debate forums on social media. We will announce all sponsorships on this group. And our sponsors can post 2-3 messages (editorial content / blogs preferred!) on the group in the course of the event campaign. Find and join the Wi-Fi NOW Forum group here.

Weekly Email Blast to 30,000 Professionals

Our weekly email blasts go out to more than 30,000 industry professionals – and all of our sponsors will be mentioned in our newsletter at least twice during the event campaign. Work with our coms experts to get your preferred message out there.

Co-Branded Email Invitations For Clients

For maximum event value it is important your clients are aware of your presence and are encouraged to join. To spread the word, we provide a co-branded e-invitation with your logo, key message, and event details. We can send this to your clients on your behalf.

Share Your Delegate/Press Wishlist With Us

Provide us with a dreamlist of individuals that you would like to see at the event with their contact details. Our team will invite them on your behalf – and we’re experts in chasing down the right people.

Guest News & Blogs On The Wi-Fi NOW Event Blog

You can post your thoughts and views on the future of Wi-Fi technology on our event blog. Use this opportunity to establish your company as a thought-leader, reach new audiences, and gain credibility in the Wi-Fi community.

Enhance The Visual Impact Of Your Message

You are free to use the Wi-Fi NOW logo and photos to add impact to your advertising, press releases, and promotional literature. Use our event logo to underline your status as an official sponsor/exhibitor.