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About Us

The Wi-Fi NOW team members are experienced technology professionals with a proven track record of delivering high-quality conferences. Our events are designed to bring together communities with the aim of tackling the important technical and business challenges facing the industry. Our speakers, sponsors and delegates are professionals wishing to lead and disrupt the industry, as well as challenge existing paradigms.´​

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Our Mission

Wi-Fi NOW’smission is to support and promote all things public Wi-Fi. Our goal is to make public high-quality, high-performance Wi-Fi available everywhere and for everyone. We work with all individuals, carriers, service providers, tech vendors, regulators, and organisations that share this important mission and goal.

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Claus Hetting is CEO of Wi-Fi Insights. He works as an analyst, journalist, consultant and marketer for the Wi-Fi industry. Claus has been working in the mobile industry for close to 20 years. He is passionate about Wi-Fi because of his belief that Wi-Fi is the only wireless technology that can keep up with the huge demand for wireless Internet access and because Wi-Fi is a hotbed of innovation and opportunity.

Claus is focusing on all the great things Wi-Fi technology can do especially for public access: Combining Wi-Fi with mobile to offer great new services (Wi-Fi ‘offload’), homespot technology, new business models & monetization of free Wi-Fi, public venue Wi-Fi, Carrier Wi-Fi for the cable service provider industry and much more.

Our Exceptional Track Record!

CEO of Wi-Fi NOW Claus Hetting has previously managed and directed major Wi-Fi industry events in Europe, USA, and Africa. Wi-Fi NOW is building on the successes of previous event series that have included the following sponsors:

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