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Masterclasses in September 2022
Sept. 6-7
The Future of Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6E & 7 Masterclass

Virtual. CEST Time Zone. We dive into the most important upgrade to 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 which will address the challenges of the next decade – see our full curriculum here

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Sept. 26
Wi-Fi Evolution Masterclass for ISPs

In-person in Stockholm, Sweden. WWC Day 1. 10.00-14.00pm. In this 2 x 2 hour session you will gain a detailed understanding of the Wi-Fi 6, 6E & 7 standards – about the curriculum read here. Admission to the class requires valid tickets – click here to purchase.

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Sept. 26
Designing Future-Proof Wi-Fi Networks Today Masterclass

In-person in WWC Day 1 in Stockholm, Sweden. 10.00-14.00pm. In this Masterclass we will cover the fundamentals of Wi-Fi design to better prepare attendees in the discussions with stakeholders about the designs and installations today that will make their Wi-Fi networks future-proof avoiding being obsolete upon deployment. Read more here. Admission to the class requires valid tickets – click here to purchase.

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Sept. 26
Technology Training: DZS Xperience FREE

In-person. WWC Day 1 in Stockholm Sweden. 14.00-17.00pm. Course description TBA.

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Masterclasses in October 2022
Oct 18
Wi-Fi Fundamentals Masterclass

All the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

Learn the basic 802.11 technology concepts in this comprehensive 3,5 hour Wi-Fi Fundamentals Masterclass – the fast track to all things Wi-Fi. We will walk you through the fundamental terminology of the Wi-Fi technology including regulatory evolution, the role of Wi-Fi Alliance & certification,  the role of PHY, upcoming standards, security concepts in WLAN and Wi-Fi deployments – see our full curriculum here.

Attendee Profile: sales engineers, project managers & anybody new in the Wi-Fi industry.

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“The 2-day web training (6 hrs) on Wi-Fi 6 was very informative. His presentation was crisp and clear and was engaging, too. The depth and width of the presentation on MAC and PHY was quite right. By attending this seminar, I saved weeks and weeks of 802.11AX document reading..,” Vamadevan Namboodiri, PhD. Samsung Electronics USA.

Maria Thomsen
Course Administrator at Wi-Fi NOW Academy


Live online Wi-Fi training series offered in conjunction with our world-leading training partners. Wi-Fi NOW Academy is the FAST TRACK to the knowledge you need on Wi-Fi standards and technology – we cover ALL the new Wi-Fi standards including Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and 7. End result: Save time, save money – and get the knowledge you need!


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