About Us

AirTies’ mission is to bring the best wireless home network experience to consumers. This means ensuring maximum Wi-Fi speed and coverage in every corner of the home, flawless installation, ease of management, and small, elegant form factor for convenient location in the home. In the world we live in, information at home should flow like water. AirTies is committed to bring this vision to life through relentless drive in innovation and constant learning from employees, partners and customers.

AirTies see a world where you can connect to anyone and anything electronic in your home or to your home seamlessly, securely, and control everything intuitively. The company believes the wireless in home network is the critical component of the vision.

The company was founded with the vision that everything electronic in the home would be connected to the Internet and this had to be done wirelessly. AirTies knew streaming video flawlessly would be a huge challenge and that home construction materials would have a dramatic impact on performance, wood and sheetrock acting like an open door, while bathroom tiles, brick and concrete acting like a steel door. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which relies on a single Access Point (AP) from a router/gateway, AirTies developed a system of multiple APs placed around the home to create an intelligent network that ensures consistent, high quality whole home Internet and streaming coverage. AirTies has successfully deployed their technology to millions of consumers throughout Europe in partnership with leading service providers.

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Contact: Bulent Celebi, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder