Wi-Fi World Congress Europe 2022

Sept 26-28 Hotel Birger Jarl @ Stockholm, Sweden

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The world’s premier Wi-Fi industry expo & congress event including masterclass training sessions. For more click here.


We are the world’s only conference & expo 100% dedicated to showcasing and supporting the global Wi-Fi industry. This September 26-28 we're bringing the world’s Wi-Fi leaders together under one roof for three days of all things Wi-Fi in the great city of Stockholm, Sweden - with a special focus on innovation & opportunity.  We're also zooming in on massive new opportunities in 6 GHz Wi-Fi for the home, the enterprise, for devices, and not least Wi-Fi evolution.

And remember: Everybody is welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!


Our speakers and delegates

Social evening event: Experience ABBA!

At the ABBA Museum, Stockholm, September 27, 2022 - FREE for WWC attendees


Business-critical information you don't want to miss out on

September 26, Day 1: ISP/MSP Day (workshops, seminars, & training)

10:00 am - 2:00 pmMasterclass training: Wi-Fi Evolution for ISPs Academy Room 1Read more »

Welcome to the in-person version of our critically acclaimed Masterclass Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E & Wi-Fi 7 course delivered by probably the world’s best Wi-Fi technology trainer Dr Srikanth Subramaniam.

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2:00 pm - 5:00 pmTechnology training: DZS CloudCheck FREE Academy Room 2Read more »

Access for Wi-Fi industry professionals only, pending DZS acceptance. In this 3-hour session DZS will share its insights about real world connectivity problems and solutions strategies, architecture, and inner workings of award-winning DZS CloudCheck platform, key use cases across observability, predictive and prescriptive analytics, automation, and experience management. Learn more here.

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pmSocial evening: Open Source Cocktail Party - with TIP OpenWiFi Main stageRead more »

Join us for 'interoperable margaritas' at the Hotel Birger Jarl - and of course lots of mingling with the Wi-Fi leaders - sponsored by TIP OpenWiFi.

September 27, Day 2: Next generation Wi-Fi for the smart home

9:00 am - 9:10 amWelcome to the Wi-Fi World Congress Europe 2022 - with Claus Hetting Main stageRead more »

Chairman & CEO of Wi-Fi NOW Claus Hetting's welcome to this year's decisive Wi-Fi industry event.

9:10 am - 9:30 amWi-Fi: The vanguard of connectivity - keynote presentation by Wi-Fi Alliance Main stageRead more »

We are delighted once again to welcome to a Wi-Fi NOW event the Wi-Fi Alliance - this time in the form of CEO & President, Edgar Figueroa.

9:30 am - 10:00 am"Wi-Fi as Oxygen" - with Paul Robson, Liberty Global Main stageRead more »

More information to follow.

10:00 am - 10:30 amDZS Cloud: Unlocking the connected future - with Tuncay Cil Main stageRead more »

More information to be provided shortly.

10:30 am - 11:00 amMorning coffee & networking breakExpo area

11:00 am - 11:30 amGaining a competitive edge: The key data trends shaping tomorrow’s smart home - with Plume Main stageRead more »

Plume’s latest market data shows just how quickly the smart home is evolving; consumers are spending more to make their homes more comfortable and secure, deploying more connected devices (up 10% 1H 2022 over 1H 2021), and are consuming more data than ever before (up 11% 1H 2022 over 1H 2021). Already the constant and direct link into the customer’s home, willing Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with the right data may be able to gain the insights they need to identify and address business problems, understand specific customers’ behaviors, detect trends, and more. Understanding shifting market trends is therefore critical for CSPs to better serve subscribers, and deliver a fully optimized customer experience. In this presentation, Shane discusses the latest findings from the Plume IQ Smart Home Market Report, addresses why customer experience is so critical for services providers, and highlights the role of WiFi in providing the foundation for new, premium smart home offerings.

11:30 am - 11:50 amEvolution of device performance towards Wi-Fi 7 and beyond - with Intel Main stageRead more »

Intel is the undisputed leader in Wi-Fi chipsets for PCs and laptops - and have been driving the connectivity market forward for 20 years. Enjoy the latest insights on the evolution of Wi-Fi from a device perspective with Intel.

11:50 am - 12:10 amFirst Wi-Fi 6E deployments: feedback from the field - with SoftAtHome Main stageRead more »

SoftAtHome will talk about its latest experience with Wi-Fi 6E deployments in Europe with tier 1 operators and how a hybrid solution enables the delivery of personalised Quality Of Experience while optimizing carbon footprint.

12:10 pm - 12:30 pmQ&A Panel: Present & future of the Wi-Fi-powered Smart Home Main stageRead more »

We'll be diving into all the latest opportunities & challenges facing carriers and vendors within the world of the Wi-Fi-powered smart home. When can we expect smart home services to become truly intelligent? How will Wi-Fi 6E transform the home Wi-Fi experience? What can be done to improve home Wi-Fi quality? We'll answer these and many more questions with the help of our panel of experts TBA.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pmLunch breakExpo area

12:40 pm - 1:20 amMasterclass: Testing Practices: Taking Wi-Fi from Best Effort to Bulletproof – with Spirent (lunch break) Workshop Room 1Read more »

Testing of Wi-Fi devices, gateways, and APs has become business critical for ISPs and OEMs. In this Masterclass, Arturo Sordo presents how to get Wi-Fi testing right. Spirent is a Wi-Fi NOW valued partner.

1:30 pm - 2:00 pmWhy Open Source is key to Service Provider success - with IOPSYS & BT Main stageRead more »

We're delighted to welcome Open Source gateway software leader IOPSYS - of Sweden - and service provider partner BT.

2:00 pm - 2:20 pmApplications in Wi-Fi sensing - with Cognitive Systems Main stageRead more »

Cognitive Systems is a world leader in technology and applications for Wi-Fi sensing - a rapidly evolving new smart home services. Get the latest update from Cognitive CEO Taj Manku.

2:20 pm - 2:40 pmNew architectures for the smart home - featuring CommScope Main stageRead more »

Great insights from one of the most insightful home network architecture experts we know of - Charles Cheevers of CommScope.

2:40 pm - 3:00 pmProgram item TBA Main stageRead more »

More information to come.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pmAfternoon networking & expo breakExpo area

3:30 pm - 4:00 pmOrchestration: The need for managed networks - with AXON Networks Main stageRead more »

The mission of AXON Networks is to deliver end-to-end home broadband service quality from the Internet all the way to the Wi-Fi device - and to transform home ISP into true 'customer focused' operations. Find out how how they do it in this session.

4:00 pm - 4:30 pmService provider presentation Read more »

More information to be provided shortly.

4:30 pm - 5:00 pmFireside chat with Airties & service provider guest Proximus Main stageRead more »

One of the managed home Wi-Fi market leaders Airties is joining us with a special service provider guest Proximus - for a fireside chat session.

6:00 pm - 9 pmSocial Evening Event: Meet ABBA! At the ABBA Museum, Stockholm ABBA MuseumRead more »

#Everybodyiswelcome to join us at the ABBA Museum for a private VIP tour followed by a reception. All ticket holders for the WWC Europe 2022 are welcome at no charge. Busses will leave from the Hotel Birger Jarl at 17:30 - or you can make your way there yourself. 

September 28, Day 3: Wi-Fi for enterprises and service providers

9:00 am - 9:10 amWelcome to the Wi-Fi World Congress Europe 2022 - with Claus Hetting Main stageRead more »

Chairman & CEO of Wi-Fi NOW Claus Hetting's welcome to this year's decisive Wi-Fi industry event.

9:10 am - 9:30 amUnderstanding Wi-Fi markets: A talk on trends & forecasts with leading experts Main stageRead more »

Our two great analysts and one veteran chipset vendor representative present their views and forecasts of the Wi-Fi markets, opportunities, and challenges.

9:30 am - 9:50 amA vision: "Wireless First" with Cisco Fellow Mark Grayson Main stageRead more »

More details to come.

9:50 am - 10:10 amFour Ways Wi-Fi 7 Transforms the Enterprise - with Rahul Patel, SVP Qualcomm Main stageRead more »

More information to come.

10:10 am - 10:30 amPresentation TBA Main stageRead more »

More information to come

10:30 am - 11:00 amMorning coffee & networking breakExpo area

Enjoy refreshments and check out our expo!

11:00 am - 11:20 amSilicon technology for mmWave connectivity including 60 GHz radio - with Sivers Main stageRead more »

Sweden's Sivers Semiconductors is a market leader when it comes to powering 60 GHz radio - here's Sivers view of the expanding market for license-exempt mmWave technology.

11:20 am - 11:40 amAirvine: Revolutionizing enterprise backhaul with 60 GHz radio Main stageRead more »

Airvine is revolutionising the world of enterprise networking with wireless backhaul capable of blasting through walls. Get the inside story from Airvine CEO Vivek Ragavan.

11:40 am - 12:00 amWeaving the end-to-end wireless service fabric - with Cambium Networks Main stageRead more »

More information to come.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pmPresentation & Q&A Panel: Transforming Wi-Fi for the enterprise with TIP OpenWiFi Main stageRead more »

Telecom Infra Project OpenWiFi is arguably the most consequential redesign of enterprise Wi-Fi architecture in a decade. By disaggregating the software stack, OpenWiFi is transforming the way Wi-Fi networks are designed, deployed, and operated - and not least their cost. Get all the details here.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pmLunch breakExpo area

12:40 pm - 1:20 amMasterclass: Wi-Fi assessments for business critical networks (lunchbreak) Workshop Room 1Read more »

As business processes and applications has turned mobile, 7LAB has established effective services and methods to ensure high performing design of WiFi networks.

1:30 pm - 1:55 pmWhat Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 means for stadium/arena Wi-Fi - with David Coleman Main stageRead more »

With seats filled to capacity and stadiums buzzed with excitement, fans expect an engaging and quality Wi-Fi experience. Although stadiums remain the most challenging environment to deploy Wi-Fi, Extreme Networks has a long been the market leader with a history of success. Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 offer enormous potential for the future of arena Wi-Fi. • How does arena Wi-Fi enhance the fan experience? • What insights can data analytics of stadium Wi-Fi provide? • What are the technical aspects/challenges for 6 GHz in arenas?

1:55 pm - 2:15 pmOpportunities in 5G & Wi-Fi convergence - with ENEA / Aptilo Networks Main stageRead more »

More information to be released shortly.

2:15 pm - 2:35 pmIncreasing network reliability with ARC Hotspot - presentation by Kyrio Main stageRead more »

Kyrio's ARC is bringing the world of Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity together into a single service fabric. Find out how.

2:35 pm - 3:00 pmWi-Fi footfall analytics: A revenue opportunity for Wi-Fi service providers Main stageRead more »

Bumbee Labs leads the world in hardware-agnostic Wi-Fi-based footfall analytics. Find out how it works - and why it is a high-value, low-cost addition to your Wi-Fi managed services portfolio.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pmAfternoon networking & expo breakExpo area

3:30 pm - 4:00 pmMore program items to be announced - check back frequently Main stageRead more »

More information to come.

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm6 GHz and Beyond: What’s New for Enterprise Wireless Planning - with Ekahau Main stageRead more »

More information TBA.

4:30 pm - 5:00 pmBusiness critical Wi-Fi use cases for retail - with Svenska Digital Main stageRead more »

More information TBA.

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