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Welcome to the Wi-Fi World Congress Americas 2022 in Cancún where everybody is welcome! We are the world’s only conference & expo 100% dedicated to showcasing and supporting the global Wi-Fi industry. This May 16-18 we're bringing the world’s Wi-Fi leaders together under one roof for three days of all things Wi-Fi - with a special focus on innovation & opportunity. Not least we're zooming in on massive new opportunities in 6 GHz.

And remember: Everybody is welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!


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Day 1, May 16: Masterclass training, meetings, & workshops

10:00 am - 2:00 pmMasterclass training: Cómo Diseñar Redes Tipo Wi-Fi Hoy y Estar Preparados Para el Futuro Academy Room 2Read more »

Welcome to the in-person version of our critically acclaimed and enormously popular series of Masterclass courses delivered by probably the world’s best Wi-Fi technology trainers. This training session will be delivered in Spanish.

Learn more

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm"Welcome to Cancún" Social Evening Event - with thanks to TIP OpenWiFi Reception Area Hyatt Zilara (outside)Read more »

It's been 2 and half years since we last organised a major Wi-Fi industry event so we're excited! And of course we want everyone to reconnect with each other live and in person. What better way to do it than over a drink or two at the outdoor reception area of the Hyatt Zilara? Join us for drinks & music - courtesy Telecom Infra Project OpenWiFi.

Day 2, May 17: Next generation Wi-Fi for the smart home

9:00 am - 9:10 amWelcome to the Wi-Fi World Congress Americas 2022 - with Claus Hetting Main stageRead more »

Chairman & CEO of Wi-Fi NOW Claus Hetting's welcome to this year's decisive Wi-Fi industry event.

9:30 am - 10:00 amLiberty Latin America: Service Provider challenges to implement SmartWiFi solutions Main stageRead more »

Delighted to welcome Latin American service provider & Wi-Fi leader Liberty Latin America.

10:00 am - 10:30 amBeyond utility: How service providers can tap the hidden value of Wi-Fi Main stageRead more »

Now more than ever, WiFi is critical for every broadband consumer; it underpins the smart home experience, delivering the connectivity needed for work, rest and play. But is it valuable? For service providers, WiFi creates the foundation and opportunity to deliver a plethora of new and highly personalized services, driven by data. In this presentation, Adam Hotchkiss VP of Customer Solutions, Plume, examines why WiFi––while critical for in-home infrastructure––is not valuable without a wider services proposition on top. He will discuss recent changes in the underlying technology, how WiFi fits with consumers’ changing lifestyles, and how service providers can take this critical technology beyond utility.

10:30 am - 11:00 amMorning coffee & networking breakExpo area

11:00 am - 11:20 amIncreasing network reliability with ARC Hotspot - presentation by Kyrio Main stageRead more »

Kyrio's ARC is bringing the world of Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity together into a single service fabric. Find out how.

11:20 am - 11:40 amEvolution of Wi-Fi connectivity technology for devices - with Intel Main stageRead more »

Intel is the world's leading provider of Wi-Fi connectivity platforms for laptops and PCs - and Eric McLaughlin is a veteran of the industry. Intel is racing ahead with loads of new Wi-Fi connectivity features.

11:40 am - 12:00 amIntroducing the Metaverse - presentation by Meta Main stageRead more »

We're delighted to welcome Meta - formerly Facebook - to the WWC Americas. The topic is - what else? - the Metaverse.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pmQ&A Panel: Present & future of the Wi-Fi-powered Smart Home Main stageRead more »

We'll be diving into all the latest opportunities & challenges facing carriers and vendors within the world of the Wi-Fi-powered smart home. When can we expect smart home services to become truly intelligent? How will Wi-Fi 6E transform the home Wi-Fi experience? What can be done to improve home Wi-Fi quality? We'll answer these and many more questions with the help of our panel of experts TBA.

1:50 pm - 2:10 pmWi-Fi 7 Architecture for whole home coverage - with MediaTek Main stageRead more »

MediaTek is the fastest growing Wi-Fi technology platform provider (chipset vendor) in the world right now - and the company has already demonstrated Wi-Fi 7 technology. James Chen gets us the latest insights on Wi-Fi tech for the smart home.

2:10 pm - 2:30 pmBreakthroughs in Wi-Fi sensing for fall detection & more Main stageRead more »

Wi-Fi sensing is quickly becoming an important and profitable value-added service for home broadband service providers. Origin is leading the world in Wi-Fi sensing technology.

2:30 pm - 2:50 pmPresentation TBA Main stageRead more »

More information TBA.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pmAfternoon networking & expo breakExpo area

3:30 pm - 4:00 pmQ&A Panel: New regulation for the 6 GHz band - opportunities & challenges Main stageRead more »

The 6 GHz is being released for unlicensed use all over the world - including across the Americas. What are the challenges in renewing 6 GHz regulations - and what will be the impact of 6 GHz Wi-Fi on Mexico and other countries in the region? We will ask our panel of experts.

4:00 pm - 4:20 amService provider keynote by IZZI: Mexican operator vision and challenges Main stageRead more »

IZZI is one of Mexico's foremost cablecos delivering home broadband services across the country. We're delighted to welcome IZZI to the Wi-Fi World Congress Americas.

4:20 pm - 4:40 pmMaxLinear: Smarter Connectivity Experience for next generation use cases Main stageRead more »

MaxLinear is one of the leaders in delivering Wi-Fi technology for home gateways and routers. In this presentation Parul Singla will dive into the topic of Wi-Fi 7 for the home.

4:40 pm - 5:00 pmGreat Innovations in home Wi-Fi: Presentation by ASSIA's Tuncay Cil Main stageRead more »

ASSIA has been leading the pack in remote optimisation and management of home Wi-Fi for years, serving household-name telcos and ISPs all over the world. Tuncay Cil is a frequent Wi-Fi NOW speaker and one of the world's leading experts on this topic. 

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm"Welcome to the Caribbean" Social Evening Event - with thanks to Intel Reception Area Hyatt Zilara (outside)Read more »

It's been 2 and half years since we last organised a major Wi-Fi industry event so we're excited! And of course we want everyone to reconnect with each other live and in person. What better way to do it than over a drink or two at the outdoor reception area of the Hyatt Zilara? Join us for drinks & music - courtesy Telecom Infra Project OpenWiFi.

Day 3, May 18: Wi-Fi evolution & the Wi-Fi enterprise 2.0

9:00 am - 9:10 amWelcome to WWC Americas 2022 Day 3 - with Claus Hetting Main stageRead more »

Introduction to WWC Americas Day 2 with our chairman & moderator, Claus Hetting. This session features Tre Zimmerman, CEO & founder of our sponsor Nextbit.

9:10 am - 9:30 amAnalyst session: With Chris Depuy & Dean Bubley Main stageRead more »

The Wi-Fi markets are growing - find out WHO and HOW MUCH from Chris Depuy, our goto market analyst of 650 Group. Telecoms and tech analyst / futurist Dean Bubley then takes us through what he believes are the opportunities for Wi-Fi technology adoption within verticals. Dean is unsurpassed as the telecom world's most outspoken and sharp-minded provocateur.

9:50 am - 10:20 amGigNet: Wi-Fi managed services for the Mexican Caribbean with special guest Richard A. Clarke Main stageRead more »

We're delighted to welcome our lead sponsor GigNet - an ambitious fibre-based service provider serving the Mexican Caribbean - as well as special guest Richard A Clarke, cybersecurity expert and White House special advisor to three consecutive US Presidents.

10:20 am - 10:40 amThe Value and Technical Evolution of the Wireless Intelligent Edge - by Ruckus Networks (CommScope) Main stageRead more »

Ruckus Networks (CommScope) is one of the world's leading providers of Wi-Fi infrastructure particularly for large venues, hospitality, and managed services. Get all the insights in this session.

10:30 am - 11:00 amMorning coffee & networking breakExpo area

Enjoy refreshments and check out our expo!

11:00 am - 11:20 amKeynote presentation by Qualcomm Main stageRead more »

Qualcomm hardly needs any introduction. The company has been leading the world in providing Wi-Fi technology for both devices and network equipment for more than a decade. We're delighted to welcome Qualcomm back to the WWC.

11:20 am - 11:40 amA wireless fabric with Wi-Fi 6 and 60GHz 802.11ay - with Cambium Networks Main stageRead more »

Campus networks across many customer segments – Education, Hospitality, MDU, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities – share some common traits. Pervasive indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi coverage, seamless client roaming, a mix of high-density and low-density areas, IoT connectivity and a seamless experience for critical applications are some of the key driving needs. Cambium Networks’ Wireless Fabric provides an end-to-end solution for meeting these requirements – from access Wi-Fi, switching and security; to multi-gigabit 60GHz backhaul and mesh; and beyond – all brought together in a single management framework. This session will cover how the technologies and solutions come together to deliver on the promise of a true all-wireless fabric.

11:40 am - 12:00 amGreat innovations: The all-wireless enterprise with Airvine's 60 GHz technology Main stageRead more »

If you've followed Wi-Fi NOW news lately you would know that one of the most promising radio networking startups in recent tech history is Airvine. The company has created the building block for the 'all-wireless enterprise': 60 GHz radio that can blast through walls. Get all the details from Airvine's dynamic CEO, Vivek Ragavan.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pmIntroducing TIP OpenWiFi: Presentation & Q&A discussion Main stageRead more »

The Telecom Infra Project's OpenWiFi initiative is transforming how Wi-Fi networks are developed and deployed - driving cost down and innovation up. Meet some the initiative's leading organisations and experts in this presentation & Q&A session.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pmLunch breakMain stage

1:30 pm - 2:00 pmPresentation by Mist/Juniper - with Bob Friday Main stageRead more »

Mist - today a part of Juniper Networks - is reinventing enterprise Wi-Fi through the use of AI. We're delighted to welcome Mist co-founder and Wi-Fi industry veteran (and legend!) Bob Friday.

2:00 pm - 2:30 pmQ&A Panel: Opportunities & challenges for the next generation Wi-Fi enterprise Main stageRead more »

In this session we'll explore new opportunities - and challenges - for managed enterprise Wi-Fi, improving the user experience, roaming, and more with three experienced enterprise Wi-Fi experts.

2:30 pm - 3:00 pmSecurity Driven Network – The Convergence NetOps and SecOps - with Fortinet Main stageRead more »

Fortinet is one of the global leaders in Wi-Fi security - an issue becoming increasingly important as the workforce becomes more mobile.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pmAfternoon networking & expo breakExpo area

3:30 pm - 4:00 pmProgram item to be announced Main stageRead more »

More to come.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pmThree great Wi-Fi service providers Main stageRead more »

More information to come.

5:00 pm - 5:30 pmMore program items to be announced - check back frequently Main stageRead more »

More program items coming soon,.

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